Optimizing Your Health

Welcome to Lifeway Concierge Medicine

Lifeway Concierge Medicine is a small primary care practice that seeks to optimize your health and wellbeing. The focus is on you, whether you are generally healthy and want to remain so or have complex medical problems. We are committed to helping you achieve optimal health through highly personalized care that focuses on prevention and early detection as well as comprehensive care of illness. The high-tech tools of today are combined with the high touch practices of the past.

Our annual membership fees allow our doctors to limit the size of their practice. This enables them to spend more time with you, be more attentive to your specific needs and provide extra services that are not available in traditional medical practice and are not covered by commercial health insurance or Medicare.

A Good Fit:

  • Someone who understands the value of a higher level of care and commitment;
  • Someone interested in having time to fully address their health concerns;
  • Someone who wants their physician to reduce the friction of our healthcare system and guide them through the complexities;
  • Someone seeking outstanding medical care with flexibility and convenience


Lifeway Concierge Care provides extra services that are not covered by commercial health insurance or Medicare. These are supported by the annual membership fee. The annual membership fee may be reimbursable through Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Medical insurance continues to be used for routine medical services that are not included in the concierge program. Deductibles and Copays apply.

There are three levels of Lifeway Concierge Medicine

All three include:

  • Convenient availability of longer routine appointments so you do not feel rushed and same day visits when you are sick and really need us;
  • Annual Wellness Evaluation with risk factor assessment that is more comprehensive than covered by insurers;
  • Personally crafted health and wellness plan with wellness coaching;
  • 24/7 physician availability by phone;
  • Secure E-mail communication with your physician;
  • Coordination of care with medical specialists;
  • Assistance in dealing with the “hassles” of the current medical environment;