Lifeway Concierge Care provides extra services that are not covered by commercial health insurance or Medicare. These are supported by the annual membership fee. The annual membership fee may be reimbursable through Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Medical insurance continues to be used for routine medical services that are not included in the concierge program. Deductibles and Copays apply.

There are three levels of Lifeway Concierge Medicine. All three include:

  • Convenient availability of longer routine appointments so you do not feel rushed and same day visits when you are sick and really need us;
  • Annual Wellness Evaluation with risk factor assessment that is more comprehensive than covered by insurers;
  • Personally crafted health and wellness plan with wellness coaching;
  • 24/7 physician availability by phone;
  • Secure E-mail communication with your physician;
  • Coordination of care with medical specialists;
  • Assistance in dealing with the “hassles” of the current medical environment;
  • Care for member’s children under age 26 with no additional membership fee.

Lifeway Plus

This plan is suggested for patients under age 45 for a cost of $800 per year.

Additional services include:

  • Advanced Cardiovascular testing
  • Body composition analysis
  • Nutrient Deficiency Risk Assessment
  • Assessment of Fitness/Activity Status (e.g. Duke Activity Status Index)
  • Psychological Screening (e.g. GAD-2, PHQ-2)

Lifeway Cardiovascular

This plan is suggested for patients 45 to 64 years old for a cost of $1400 per year.

Lifeway Cardiovascular is focused on prevention of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and dementia utilizing the Bale-Doneen Method. It helps identify atherosclerosis early when intensive lifestyle management and medications can prevent these illnesses and slow the aging process. Services in addition to those offered by Lifeway Plus include:

Lifeway Enhanced Care

This plan is suggested for patients over 65 years old for a cost of $2000 per year. There is a 50% discount for member’s spouses who also join Lifeway Enhanced Care.

Services in addition to those offered by Lifeway Plus include:

  • Annual 90-minute Comprehensive Assessment
  • Further advanced Cardiovascular and Metabolic testing not covered by insurance
  • Hand Dynamometer
  • Pure Tone Audiogram
  • Memory Evaluation (e.g. St Louis University Memory Test or Mini Mental Status Exam
  • Daily hospital visits with coordination with hospital physicians, if you are hospitalized at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital
  • Physician care during rehabilitation stay at Virginia Beach Healthcare and Rehabilitation
  • Home visits are primarily for end-of-life care. Lifeway is not a hospice provider.